Meet David

Proud to be a Friend of Hope House monthly donor

From the very first moment that David Newcombe stepped foot into Hope House, he knew it was a place he wanted to be a part of. David’s journey with Hope House began when he attended an Art Exhibit and discussion with his friend, Gary Glowacki, about his work within the prison system. After speaking to the staff at Hope House at this special event, David felt a sense of belonging that inspired him to get involved and make heartfelt contributions to Hope House and the Guelph community.

David knew that the way he could best give back to his community – after a lifetime of working in the restaurant industry – was by helping with the Wednesday Community Breakfast Program. David worked in the kitchen, leading the volunteer team in preparing up to 125 hot and nutritious meals for his community every week. David’s contributions to the Breakfast Program played an integral part in helping Hope House community members get strong and healthy starts to their days.

“…I saw first hand that the people at Hope House were deeply empathetic to the real life situations that others find themselves in. I have been involved in many not for profit organizations but rarely have I seen such open and honest compassion for others.”

The honest and heartfelt gratitude displayed by Hope House community members at the end of every Wednesday morning, left no doubt in David’s mind that “we had made a small difference for some people”. It skogly demonstrated that the opposite of poverty is community, and from then on David became a Friend of Hope House Monthly Donor. 

We can all learn from David, who believes that we should never doubt that our contributions mean something significant, “many good people with common purpose can change the trajectory of someone’s lot in life. At Hope House we see that every day, every week. One small initiative at a time.” It is having volunteers like David that makes Hope House a truly special place. 

Currently, Hope House’s Wednesday Community Breakfast Program has pivoted due to COVID-19. Hope House now offers a Takeaway Breakfast Program Monday through Thursday from 10am – 11am. By becoming a monthly donor, David is directly contributing to the continuance of programs and services at Hope House – programs such as the Takeaway Breakfast Program. Given the current crisis we are all facing due to COVID-19, things have become more difficult for everyone – but even more so for the community members Hope House serves. David’s monthly contributions help to assist the organization in predicting what’s to come. While one-time donations are always welcome, David knew that a sustained commitment was needed more – especially during these times.

David’s heartwarming story helps to remind us all of the power of community, and the joy and fulfillment that helping others can bring. While David has not been able to come see us in person, he can’t wait to come back, and we can’t wait to have him. 

To learn more about becoming a Friend of Hope House monthly donor, reach out to Hope House community engagement manager at

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