Clean Cut Energy

Proud to be a Friend of Hope House monthly donor

Clean Cut Energy is a Guelph owned and operated local utility sub metering company, that works primarily in multi-residential communities. Founded in 2012 by Mike Kazmaier, the company was founded on the vision of empowering people with accurate, timely information so that they can make smart decisions about how to use resources more efficiently. With an ultimate goal to conserve resources, and save money for clients – Clean Cut Energy is a community focused organization.

Clean Cut Energy believes in trying to be a force for good – both as a business, but also as community members. Clean Cut Energy is included in the Ontario Living Wage program, and they are also support various non-profits, and other organizations through the Guelph community. Through all this, Clean Cut Energy is taking a step forward towards not only bettering the lives of individuals these organizations support, but also by bettering the lives of their customers.

Hope House is thrilled that Clean Cut Energy has included us as one of their organizations to support, especially as a Friend of Hope House monthly donor. The Friend of Hope House program is designed around monthly donations that allow for a steady and consistent stream of funding that directly supports and maintains various programs and services offered to the Hope House community.

When speaking with Mike, I asked why his company gives back to the community – but more specifically, why Hope House?

“As the effects of COVID-19 started to become real, we felt a strong desire to try to have more of an impact for people that face daily food insecurity. We identified that as a major area where we could do more.

When we started to look at organizations that were contributing in that area, Hope House really stood out. We love how Hope House not only works to address food insecurity but makes the tangible connection between a meal and community. For example, they try to tackle the problem from different angles like providing simple things like haircuts, counselling, and a clothing market. They try to lift people up with an infusion of dignity and we were inspired by that focus. It is empowering stuff and we love it!”

One of the programs that Clean Cut Energy’s donation helps to support is the Food Market Program. Since the onset of the pandemic in April 2020, Hope House has distributed $530,400 worth of groceries to community members in need – as well as directly supporting 3,297 individuals through other programs and services offered at Hope House. It is through the support of organizations, and individuals like Clean Cut Energy that Hope House is able to sustain HOPE for these individuals.

I asked Mike what he would say to another business that is thinking of becoming a monthly donor., and how he found it affected his business.

“Monthly donations were a great fit because it allowed us to get started quickly and increase our contributions over time as we continued to grow.  As a company we feel very strongly about having an impact where we live and work. You can’t live and work in Guelph without coming into contact with Hope house’s work in the community.  We are really proud to be monthly Hope House donors and we are excited to grow with them and our community.

To learn more about becoming a Friend of Hope House monthly donor, reach out to Hope House community engagement manager at

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