Senior Pandemic
Food Delivery

A choice-based community food pantry at HOPE House in Guelph.

Food security for seniors is increasing and so is social isolation. 
Seniors continue to be asked to stay home to reduce their chance of getting COVID-19. 

After one year in this global pandemic, low-income seniors are still dealing with a lack of access to food.  Seniors tell us it is hard to leave their homes to shop.  They are scared to leave their apartment.  They are scared to take the bus.  Many seniors do not have a family member to help them and they cannot afford to pay for services. 
We are even hearing stories of older adults who are starving in their homes because they cannot get out to get food. 

HOPE House and Guelph Wellington Seniors Association Community Support Services have been finding ways to get food to older adults. 
Starting in March 2021 we will extend the no-contact door delivery to 175 seniors in Guelph.  These people will receive fresh produce, frozen meals and hygiene items at their apartment doors. 

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