Chiropractor – Dr. Claire Jeffery


Thanks to a partnership with Dr. Claire Jeffery, registered Hope House community members can now sign up for free Chiropractic appointments!

Who is Dr. Claire? She is an inspirational woman who has used her own lived experience with pain and loss to teach others about how they can live with less pain, and more energy. Dr. Claire has been a Chiropractor for 15 years, and has worked with thousands of patients. Even after all this time in the industry, she is still astounded by the changes she sees in her patients. She has a passion for this work and for helping people live their happiest lives, free from pain.

To register as a Hope House community member or to sign up for an appointment, email

Counselling Services

Five Star Relationships provided a counselling intern who advocates for addiction-recovery, healthy relationships, coping skills, and cultural security. They focus on figuring out who you are behind your challenges, and what is stopping you from becoming that person.

Mindfulness and spirituality may be incorporated in your counselling session if desired.

Make an appointment by calling reception at 519-265-4299.

Hope Smiles

Taking steps to break the cycle of poverty takes courage and confidence, with the compassion of Dr. Yabut Dentistry.

In Ontario, 1 in 5 people do not visit a dentist due to the cost. Every 9 minutes someone goes to a hospital emergency room and every 3 minutes someone goes to a doctor’s office due to dental problems. The immediate impact of inaccessibility to dental care is pain and suffering. The long-term impact is often much greater as a lack of access to dental care can limit employment opportunities due to poor physical appearance from missing or discolored teeth. 

In maintaining a healthy smile, individuals who access Hope Smiles are provided with the sense of dignity they need in order to move forward in their search for jobs or continued education. 

Please note: Our Hope Smiles program is only available to volunteers, including community member volunteers. Volunteers must be a registered weekly volunteer who has completed 4 shifts.