Homelessness during COVID

Homelessness during COVID-19 When you're told to "stay home" but have nowhere to go


How are already vulnerable and marginalized folks impacted by a pandemic? How are they coping in a time when resources have ground to a halt and accessing basic needs like water, food, shelter, and basic hygiene options like toilets and showers are at a bare minimum?

Jaya James, Executive Director at Hope House, was recently interviewed by Meris Keiller, a photojournalist for PWB Online Magazine.

Arthur, a cherished community member experiencing, homelessness, was also interviewed and the overall message of the article really packs a punch!

Here’s an example of the vital takeaways embedded within the article.

“The best way you can support us is to take care of your family and neighbours. If you’re taking care of each other, that puts less demand on us and other organizations. Also, help if you are able to do so. All of these groups need volunteers to prepare and deliver meals. I recognize that for some that is not something they can do. But, just consider if you can help.”  – Jaya James

Arthur also shared words of advice on how community members can support the homeless during this pandemic.

“Small things you could do for people now, leave a little bag with a sandwich in it. Just something, cause it’s even hard to get a drink of water. Whatever is given to me I appreciate it. Anything, especially food, socks, and underwear.”

Homelessness during COVID

“While self-care is important during this period of stress and isolation, it is also vital that community members support one another…before individuals can help organizations, they must first care for each other”.

Homelessness during COVID

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