Seniors’ Community Food Markets

Seniors’ Community
Food Markets

The Seniors​’ Community Food Market is a weekly “farmers-market” style market at ​seven subsidized housing locations across Guelph, totaling ​more than 80 markets, annually. The project​ aims to increase food access to 300 vulnerable seniors by distributing fresh produce, pantry and hygiene items and providing age-specific education ​and referrals.

The Seniors’ Community Food Markets provide multiple benefits for seniors including

  • Addressing immediate food security needs by providing nutritious food and necessities.
  • Providing a meaningful point of social contact, helping seniors stay safe, active, and connected to​their community
  • Creating meaningful volunteer opportunities for community members and equip​ping participants to reach out for help ​as needed

This project is a partnership between the Guelph Wellington Seniors Association and HOPE House Guelph. In addition, it has strategic partnerships with The County of Wellington- Housing Services, The SEED, VON, and Guelph Independent Living ​and the Guelph Food Bank.


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