Horticultural Therapy

Horticultural therapy

Horticultural Therapy is being practiced and studied around the globe. Programs are offered in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, prisons, schools,  community gardens and beyond. Program activities are adaptable to any age or level of ability.

Pam is our community farmer and she also runs our horticultural therapy sessions. She is an incredible advocate for the vast benefits that horticulture brings to the community as well as to individuals.

Nurturing a sense of community belonging, welcoming new participants into the Horticultural Therapy workshops, and celebrating the coming season, are primary goals for the spring programs at HOPE House. We have the capacity for more individuals to engage in the services that are offered.

When we bring the program out to the Well-being garden at the North Field Food Farm in late spring/early summer, then, food really comes into focus. 

A typical group therapeutic horticulture workshop looks like this:

  • Greetings
  • Opening circle with introduction & check-in, sharing thoughts on a reflection/theme of the day
  • Horticultural therapist demonstrates the scheduled activity
  • Participants engage in the activity with support, if needed or desired
  • Closing circle/reflection

To learn more about the sessions, contact garden@hopehouseguelph.ca.