HOPE In Motion

HOPE in Motion

Distributing food, clothing, hygiene products and other essential supplies to organizations around Guelph.

HOPE House is one of many organizations that offers a helping hand to members of our community here in Guelph. We believe that partnering and working with others is the best way to serve people at all corners of our community. 

HOPE in Motion distributes food, clothing, hygiene products and other essential supplies to other service providers in and around Guelph. HOPE House receives generous quantities of donated goods each day, and this service ensures that any overflow finds its way to access points throughout the city. 


What does Hope in Motion do?

Through Hope In Motion, Hope House helps to distribute:

  • Farm-fresh produce from out of the Harvest of Hope Garden
  • Non-Perishable food items from the Hope House Food Market
  • New and gently-used clothing from the Hope House Clothing Market
  • Hygiene products and baby supplies

If you spot one of our Hope in Motion vehicles around town, you’ll know it’s on its way to pick up or drop off necessities for families in our community.

How you can help HOPE in Motion

Hope in Motion is one of many powerful programs at Hope House that runs on the support of our community. 
If you wish to support us, please consider donating to HOPE House by clicking the button below.

If you have a large quantity of goods that you’d like to donate, please contact Gift-In-Kind Coordinator at donations@hopehouseguelph.ca.

We are grateful for donations of food, hygiene products, baby products, and new or gently-used clothing. Whether it’s used in one of our many programs, or goes to another valuable organization in Guelph – we’ll always ensure your donation finds its way to a family in need.

See the video below to learn more about Hope in Motion:


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HOPE House operates and advocates on the believe that poverty, food insecurity, inequality, health and community are all interconnected.

Your donations support HOPE in Motion and other powerful programs in our community