HOPE for the Holidays

HOPE for the holidays

We believe that every person deserves a holiday filled with HOPE.

That’s why, at HOPE House, we provide an Affordable Holiday Gift Market to create new holiday traditions with our community. In previous years we also had a Christmas brunch, which will not be happening in 2021 due to COVID-19.

“The holiday pay-what you can market allowed my children to have lovely gifts for their siblings and grandparents…the gift wrapping party held at the end of the christmas market provided everything needed to that present pretty for under the tree!” – Martha, community member & volunteer


The Affordable Holiday Gift Market

We believe that each person deserves a holiday filled with HOPE – this year especially, the holidays may be a stressful time for individuals and families. We are happy to announce that our Affordable Holiday Gift Market is running from December 1st – December 16th.

This unique, fun market is an annual favourite of our community within HOPE House and those who are looking to volunteer. The Affordable Holiday Gift Market provides individuals the opportunity to select holiday gifts for family and friends at pay-what-you-can prices including free. We have been told many times by market participants how important it is that they can select the gifts themselves. 

“Now I have the opportunity to give my niece a gift at family gatherings. I felt so ashamed to go without a gift, so I just didn’t go in previous years”
– Market Participant

Festive Christmas Brunch – PAUSED FOR 2021

This brunch is prepared, and served by volunteers – where unique and delicious dishes (including gingerbread oatmeal, a variety of quiches, hashbrown casserole, eggnog french toast and more,) are offered! 

Jolly Ole’ Santa makes a grand entrance while everyone feasts, and will sit for photos with community members (we have seen at least 150 attendees in the past!)


HOPE House operates and advocates on the believe that poverty, food insecurity, inequality, health and community are all interconnected.

Your donations support HOPE for the Holidays and other powerful programs in our community