Guelph Community Backpack Project

Guelph Community Backpack Project

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We all know that one of the best poverty fighting tools is a full education, one free of disparities and inequalities.  Research has demonstrated that children and youth living in poverty tend to have poorer education results compared to wealthier peers. These discrepancies are not due to the lack of ability to perform, but are rather the outcome of not having the necessary resources in order to be confident and successful in their academic journeys. 

Partnering with the Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition and the Salvation Army, Hope House leads the coordination of a school supply drive to provide every child in need with a brand new, fully stocked backpack.

By owning something brand new, the kids feel that they matter, that they are valued and that they have not been overlooks or forgotten. We are simultaneously helping their school readiness as well as their state of mind and self-confidence going into a new school year.

You can help this initiative by donating either financially year round, or by donating school supplies in July each year.

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