Ease Into Work Program

Ease Into Work Program

HOPE House is excited to let the community know about a new program for people who are interested in gaining work experience and developing skills in a supportive environment, called Ease Into Work. This program is funded by Clayson Wealth Management, Scotiabank, SV Law LLP and the community.

Why did HOPE House create this program?

Many HOPE House volunteers gain valuable experience that leads to employment, but we notice a group of people who would benefit from some focused time, support, and practice to strengthen their skills and confidence in order to become fully work-ready. 

With our support in exploring each individual’s situation and challenges, then finding different options to overcome or work with their barriers, participant’s will feel more positive about seeking permanent parttime or fulltime employment.

  • Who would benefit from the Ease Into Work Program?

    • Newcomers to Canada 
    • People with little or no work experience
    • Youth 
    • People with varied abilities as in mental health, physical or learning challenges, etc.
    • People who have been out of the workforce for a long time
    • People who struggle with finding and keeping employment 
  • How can the Ease Into Work Program help people?

    • Individualized plan created after exploring the participant’s unique needs
    • Non-judgemental and supported learning environment 
    • Work experience gained in a variety of areas
    • Networking and reference building
    • Practice with interviewing and receiving feedback
    • Develop and strengthen healthy routines and self-reflection skills
    • Supported goal setting 
    • Connections to training and community services
    • Counselling, food, and clothing available 
    • Ongoing support once employment is achieved  
  • How does it work?

    • Participants and the Volunteer & Placement Coordinator will discuss needs and possible barriers, establishing clear employment goals
    • Participants are placed in a Volunteer role 2 – 3 shifts per week, 4 hours each
    • Opportunity to take on a leadership role (volunteer supervisor, training of new volunteers) or a small project
    • Support to enrol in skill building programming
    • End stages include either connections with employers or employment & training services, OR interviewing for financially supported HOPE House placement 
    • If it is determined that individuals require more support to be ready for work, they would be offered the opportunity to interview for a 16 hours per week placement for a minimum of 12 weeks 
    • Once employment is secured follow up and support will be provided for 1 year
    • Support includes but is not limited to emotional support and encouragement, Counselling, Referral to appropriate services and access to Food & Clothing
  • Areas of Opportunity and Skills Development

    Areas of Opportunity at HOPE House

    Skills & Experiences 

    Reception & Admin Assistant 

    – Variety of administrative tasks 

    Backpack Program Coordinator

    – Variety of administrative tasks

    Food Market

    – Grocery store 

    Clothing Market

    – Retail 

    Breakfast Program

    – Food preparation and foodservice

    Harvest of HOPE

    – Horticultural experience



    – Instructing cooking

    – Creating recipes

    – Putting out coffee/snacks

    – Cleaning up

    – Safe Food Handling

    – Smart Serve

    Facility Maintenance/Custodian  

    – Custodial duties

    – Minor repairs and maintenance

    – Management of resources 

    – Health and safety 

    Events & Special Projects 

    – Project planning

    – Administration

    – Community development and outreach


See the video below to learn more about Ease into Work:


HOPE House provides individuals with exposure to a variety of social services, serving our community’s most vulnerable and diverse populations.  

If you’re interested in learning more or participating in the Ease Into Work Program please complete the form below. 

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