Community based initiative that pairs Leaders (community members looking to lead their families out of poverty) with Allies (people of middle or upper income) in order to build intentional relationships throughout a Leader’s journey in becoming self-sufficient. 

The Circles Guelph meetings are often celebrated with a shared meal provided by individuals or groups from the community. 

The Leaders bring with them a special skill or gift and are given the opportunity to share these gifts with the rest of the group at the weekly Thursday evening meetings. Trained coaches lead the program and assist the Leaders in forming individualized action plans. Presenters are invited and welcomed each week to speak about a topic that is relevant to the Leaders and brings awareness to the resources that are available to them.

The Circles program has been used in dozens of communities in the US and Canada. Circles has seen many success stories including business start-ups, as well as dream jobs becoming reality after returning to school.

It is a proven and credible program that makes real and ongoing change for individuals and our community. You can make a difference by becoming an Ally through helping Leaders take steps towards leading their families out of poverty. 

If you are interested in getting involved with Circles, please contact Volunteer & Placement Coordinator,