History of Hope House

Sustain Hope Capital Campaign

On Saturday April 30th, 2022, with Hope House friends, community members and donors, we celebrated a successful Capital Campaign and Building Naming Ceremony.

With a goal of two million dollars, the funds raised through the Capital Campaign will pay off the purchase of the Hope House building and complete essential renovations to ensure accessibility and safety.

Thanks to substantial efforts from our community including the Barr Family, we are thrilled to announce that nearly $2,500,000 was raised through the Capital Campaign, and that our building is now called “The David Barr Memorial Building.”

Our Team

Jaya James

Executive Director

519-265-4299 ext 22

My Role At Hope House

I can help you with answering questions about how Hope House operates and our goals for the future. As the Executive Director, I am responsible to ensure we have a clear focus and are moving towards our mission and vision. I provide leadership to our social enterprise, the Better Food Co that produces prepared meals each month for sale and supports our food programs. I often say that my job summed up is to move everything out of the way so my staff can do their jobs to the best of their ability.

Gillian Cornell

Programs Director

519-265-4299 ext 29

My Role At Hope House

I can help you access food, a take-away breakfast, hygiene products or clothing, and other associated programming after registering through our social support workers.

John Collins

Community Engagement Manager

519-265-4299 ext 27

My Role At Hope House

I can help show you where your dollars go within the walls of Hope House and the community we serve. I can tailor a giving program that reflects both your personal or Corporate goals with a yearly review. Understanding our programs and the people we serve begins by building relationships with our Champions. I welcome the opportunity to showcase our amazing facility with a guided tour and program information.

Tara Hoyte

Communications Manager

519-265-4299 ext 33

My Role At Hope House

I create, implement and oversee communications, be it internal or external, that effectively describe and promote Hope House and its programs. I also help connect people to Hope House via email newsletters, the website and social media. My role is key in keeping the community, volunteers, and donors connected and up-to-date.

Nicole Barrette

Volunteer & Placement Coordinator

519-265-4299 ext 32

My Role At Hope House

I am responsible for ensuring the safe and effective delivery of Hope House immediate relief programs by onboarding, training, and supervising volunteers. I oversee and provide support to individuals participating in the Ease into Work program. Please contact me if you’re interesting in volunteering!

Meg Ryan

Executive Assistant

519-265-4299 ext 31

My Role At Hope House

I assist the Executive Director and the management team with the day to day operations of the organization, and I help to ensure that Hope House can continue to operate at maximum capacity.

Brady Finn

Ongoing Support Worker

519-265-4299 ext 23

My Role At Hope House

I assist community members through system navigation and offer ongoing support.

Molly Roberts

Community Dietitian

519-265-4299 ext 28

My Role At Hope House

I manage the Seniors ’ Community Food Market at seven subsidized housing locations across Guelph. At these markets I address immediate food security needs by providing nutritious food and necessities. I also provide a meaningful point of social contact, helping seniors stay safe, active, and connected to their community.

Jennifer Jolley

Intake Support Worker

519-265-4299 ext. 26

My Role At Hope House

I can help you register to access the services provided at Hope house. I can also help you navigate other supports and resources in the community.

Kay Miller

Community Chef

519-265-4299 ext 25

My Role At Hope House

I bring people together to cook and share good food. I am focused on the development and delivery of food programming that helps to address issues of food insecurity in our community. I provide production leadership for the Better Food Co meals, our social enterprise that supports our food programs.

Susan Tough

Food Market Coordinator

519-265-4299 ext 24

My Role At Hope House

I keep our Food Market stocked and organized. I help community members shop the market for food and other items while giving guidance on how to make the most of their budget, while giving ideas on nutritious and delicious recipes.

Mark Filo

Facility Manager

519-265-4299 ext. 30

My Role At Hope House

I can help you by providing a clean and comfortable environment for you when you come visit us at Hope House.

Alyssa Robinson

Farm Assistant

519-265-4299 ext 37

My Role At Hope House

I help run the Harvest of Hope program at the Northfield Farm, which provides fresh produce to our food market.

Pam Harrison

Community Farmer

519-265-4299 ext 36

My Role At Hope House

I run the Harvest of Hope program at the Northfield Farm, which provides fresh produce to our food market. I also lead our spring and summer horticultural therapy sessions. 

Ease Into Work Team Members:

Jason S.


My Role At Hope House

I am an Ease Into Work Participant. This position is funded by the County of Wellington under their SPACES program. 

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are the legal authority for Hope House. A Director act in a position of trust for Hope House’s community members, staff, volunteers and is responsible for the direction in policy and effective governance of Hope House.
To get in touch with the board, please email board@hopehouseguelph.ca

Eleanor Davidson

Board Chair

Kim Robinson

Vice Chair

Dustin Cleghorn


Liz O’Donnell


Marian Boyd


Jide Atilola


Danielle Sanagan


Eman Refaeh


Yvette Prince